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What is ECP?
Electronic Check Processing (ECP) allows U.S. bank account holders who use the ECash Direct system to electronically deposit and withdraw between their Omni Casino™ account and their banking account. There are a number of names for the same type of services including ACH (Automated Clearing House), Virtual Debit Card, Virtual ATM, or preauthorized account payment among others.

ECP offers the advantage of being easy and convenient to use and offers a level of security higher than that of a bank teller assisted transaction. All transaction information is encrypted and decrypted using CryptoLogic Inc.'s proprietary security algorithm. ECash Direct's software has processed more than $3.6 billion (US) in secure electronic transactions in the first 2.5 years without any compromises of customer data or funds.

How does it work?
Upon receiving an ECP deposit request, the funds will be immediately available within your Omni Casino™ account. However, you will be unable to withdraw these funds (or any others resulting from transactions involving these funds) for five business days while our database confirms the receipt of your deposit.

How do I sign up?
  • Get the PDF file (ECPform.pdf) or download the file ecp.exe and run it to extract the file ECP.DOC.
  • Print out the resulting application form.
  • Fill out and sign the application form and fax (416-545-1455) or mail it along with a voided check to CryptoLogic Inc.
  • Once your information has been processed, the ECP option in the software will be activated.
  • Upon activation, we will credit your account US$5.
  • ECP deposits and withdrawals can be processed.
ECP Deposits to ECash Direct Accounts
The money you request to be transferred from your banking account to your Omni Casino™ account will be immediately deposited subject to PIN verification. If during 5 business days your bank refuses to transfer the funds from your banking account to your Omni Casino™ account for any reason, all transactions related to the given ECP deposit will be voided and you will be charged US$25 for the voided transaction.

ECP Withdrawals to ECash Direct Accounts
Following your on-line request, ECash Direct (UK) Limited. will process the withdrawal on the next business day subject to PIN verification. A PIN will be mailed to you on the day your ECP account is activated if you do not have an ECash Direct account prior to your ECP account. Normally, funds are posted to your bank account within two to four business days of your withdrawal request. There is a US$1 charge for each withdrawal.

Bank Statement
ECP transactions normally are noted on your banking statement as a "preauthorized payment" with the code TCR (transfer credit for refund) or TDR (preauthorized payment for deposit transaction).

$5 Bonus for Signing Up
We will credit your ECash Direct account with a $5 bonus on your initial deposit using ECP.


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If you would like assistance in making a deposit or withdrawal, contact a CTA Financial Support representative, 24 hours a day, at 1-888-888-1620


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